24 May 2014 @ 02:11 pm
Two more things I forgot earlier:

1. Please remember that all of our Anniversary events should end at the same time. This year, it will be Noon GMT, July 1st, so that whatever timezone the players are in, they will be able to finish them at their midnight at least. Please mention this in your posts.

2. Since once again we have screened games as our Anniversary events, we have to make a record keeping post (like this one) so that players may receive their prizes before the end of the month. This is very important because the anniversary cards will only be avaiable in those events and we don't want anyone to miss any. I will make the record keeping post on Day 1, as well as a bonus event on Day 21, where the players will be able to claim one choice card from the previous days in case they can't finish one of the games. So, if you'll be posting a screened game(s), make sure to ask the players to link you their record keeping post with their answer, and try to give them the rewards (at least the Anniversary cards) before the end of the month if possible.